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Here is a selection of some of John A. Jenson's best selling books.

There is greener grass–if you know where to look. This book will help change not only your view of the world, but the way that you approach the people you share it with. Remember that perspective doesn't elude anyone–it awaits those who seek it.
This book was originally written for the new parent–it is now clear that anyone who has parented a child will enjoy reliving that experience. There Will Come A Day is a refreshing departure from anything else John has written.
This book covers all that is necessary to become an influence in the lives of others. From what is needed within you– to forming relationships and partnerships with others–and finally how to leverage those relationships to bring about change. A popular book with corporate American, this book .is now in its third printing.
John's first book reminds you that what we lose in life is not always as important as what we find in our search for why. You can count on finding new perspectives on what can be gained from the everyday loss.

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